"/>vDODO mining, how to start mining DODO? vDODO referral link

vDODO mining, how to start mining DODO? vDODO referral link

vDODO mining, how to start mining DODO? vDODO referral link

DODO mining, how to mine vDODO?

If you are familiar with the registration and investment process and you don’t need to read the tutorial, you can register immediately via the link below.

DODO’s official website referral link

Start earning currently varies from 150 to 350% per year (APY).


What is DODO and vDODO?


what is DODO and vDODO?


DODO is an Active Cryptocurrency and vDODO is a DODO token that is can be received for every 100 DODOs and is locked to receive a gift of this coin, which means in return you receive a dodo. You can unlock your vDODOs by paying a fee anytime you want. The profit of this investment currently varies from 150 to 350% per year (APY).


Step 1: Cryptocurrency exchange sign up



Buy DODO or trade any cryptocurrency for DODO after that withdraw your DODO to your wallet remember you should buy vDODO on the ERC20 network.

5% discount on transaction fees for registrants through our link

Binance Sign Up

Step 2: Install the wallet

Install MetaMask wallet for Chrome or other wallets that support ERC20 and have WalletConnect. MetaMask wallet is tested and it works. And DODO’s official website has an option exclusively for MetaMask chrome connecting.


MetaMask installation link


Step 3: Move your DODOs to MetaMask wallet



in this step, you need to move your purchased or traded DODOs from your exchange to your MetaMask wallet.

one more thing that you need to keep in mind is that you need to have some Ethereum on your MetaMask wallet for your transaction fees. DODO’s official website recommended: 0.2 Ethereum – but as we tested it also works with 0.1 Ethereum.


Final step: connect your MetaMask wallet to DODO’s official website
Open DODO’s official website and Connect through MetaMask after the connection Click on the mint vDODO and convert your DODO to vDODO.

Use our link to not getting scammed by fake links and websites and this is a referral link it has no negative effect on your account and it has a benefit for us we greatly appreciate it.

DODO’s official website for vDODO



More information on : https://vdodo.net

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